SaaS BPM: Revolving Around Your People, First.

SaaS BPM is business management software built for entrepreneurs and business owners, HR managers, consultants and executives. Providing business management solutions that maximize productivity and improve workflow, this cloud-based system is designed to help you to scale your business.

About SaaS BPM

Accountability For Success

Ever struggled with processes your team forgets about or delays indefinitely? Looking for the best software for your business management solution needs? SaaS BPM is the best small business management software designed for executives, busy entrepreneurs, HR managers, and business consultants.

Best of all: your team will have full visibility around your processes in real time.


Solving Painful Management Problems

Mitigate the Bus Factor

Sick leaves, vacations, or unexpected resignations? Quickly assign existing activities to other team members without interrupting the flow. Avoid risks associated with projects and processes failing or getting stuck as a result of staff members or someone important to the project not being present at the moment or leaves your company. Keep track of what each one of your team is doing and have managed to deliver so far to protect yourself from potential bus factor issues.

Top-Level Overview

Have a better overview at any moment by tracking down activities, meetings across the organization, a department, specific roles – and even team members. This will allow you to make well-informed decisions, allocate your resources wisely, and improve the overall management of your team. Team leaders can avoid productivity inefficiencies by being able to identify early enough if certain employees are overloaded with work at the expense of others and distribute tasks and responsibilities accordingly.

Vendors and Freelancers

Can’t manage your 3rd parties effectively? Working with partners, suppliers, vendors, outsource and service providers is sometimes a challenge. In order to have processes running smoothly when 3rd parties are involved, there needs to be an effective control, smooth communication, clear requirements, and coordination between their work and that of your team. The type of interaction required can vary from organization to organization and it all comes down to the nature of your partnerships. With our business management system, you can establish any processes in managing third-parties and coordinate them with your workflow.


SaaS BPM facilitates planning, execution, and control of any type of pivoting. Having an overview of your current projects, business processes, roles, tasks, and activities in one platform, helps you find the best and most efficient way to shift strategies, re-assign and re-allocate activities, and tasks, or assign new ones. Easily merge or transform roles and entire teams to respond to the new market needs, tackle new product launches or service trials. With our business management system, you can easily embrace agility.

Exceptional Management

Stay on top of things with a comprehensive overview of projects, assigned tasks, deadlines, and key role-players. Our business management system makes overseeing the many aspects of a company more manageable.
Team leaders and managers can easily delegate, while team members gain access to project details and know exactly what is expected of them. More than just a way to assign tasks, this system works to improve efficiency and workflow.

Full Transparency

Introduce new processes that everyone is aware of immediately. Set up task estimates and book your staff so both management and team members are clearly aware of expectations and upcoming feedback reviews. SaaS BPM allows you to promote full transparency across your organization, which alleviates various risks and brings in countless benefits. Empower your staff by giving them access to the right information, so that they have everything they need to execute their responsibilities in the best possible way. Whether it is about introducing new activities, or onboarding new hires, make sure processes run smooth.

Foster Collaboration and Productivity

With increased transparency across teams and departments, this business management software is the ideal platform for collaboration. With each team member understanding how their role relates to the bigger picture, there is an increased sense of organization, as well as accountability. When you have clear and well-defined processes, roles, activities, and tasks in place, many questions become redundant. Unnecessary discussions and conversations are spared, saving everyone a great deal of time, which is then invested in more productive activities. At the same time, an open and innovative workspace is promoted.

Data You Can Trust

Whether you are an HR manager, executive, entrepreneur, or consultant, our business management system gives you accurate reporting. Keep up with the project progress and team performance, without the worry of human error. This solution allows you to stay in the loop at all times. Inaccurate reports impose various risks, such as making decisions based on the wrong data, which oftentimes can sink projects and even businesses. When you delegate the entire reporting function to your subordinates, without checking tasks and progress by yourself, the decisions you make as a manager, are very much dependent on data provided to you by others, which is sometimes misleading.

Save Time and Resources

Despite having so much to offer, SaaS BPM is a cost-effective solution. Cloud-based storage means that you don’t have to rely on complex filing systems for your data. It also means you don’t have to worry about hosting, maintaining and updating your business management software. Save on time and resources, and have the added bonus of being able to access your data from anywhere you please.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we receive.

Business process management or BPM software is a tool for automating repetitive tasks, managing fundamental processes and handling process logics. These types of systems are designed to optimize and accelerate data collection to improve business operations. BPM software is integral in delivering real-time, actionable information to be used in sales. 

Business process management software allows for greater workflow automation. It also offers a greater overview of all business activities on one platform. Finally, it streamlines the management of electronic forms, which are crucial to data collection and sales leads. 

Yes, business process software can help your company manage many of those daily tasks that can take up precious time like tracking vendors or freelancers and assigning tasks to cover for sudden absences. And because these processes are automated, there’s less room for error.

One of the best features of BPM software is workflow management. Process management software gives team leaders a comprehensive overview of assigned tasks, deadlines, and active employees. Great BPM software allows managers to delegate, while team members have access to detailed instructions.

BPM software isn’t just about workflow management. Content management is another popular BPM solution. Good BPM software can be used for securing and storing electronic documents. It is also a great system for data collection and secure access to proprietary information. 

SaaS BPM is the next level of BPM software. SaaS makes BPM deliverable over the cloud. This means there is no hardware necessary for your business to install, manage or upgrade. An SaaS BPM allows for even better automation all while taking care of hosting, maintenance, and security updates. 

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