6 Ways to Uplift Your Employee’s Energy During Meetings

6 Ways to Uplift Your Employee's Energy During Meetings

Meetings are meant to help employees catch up and talk about projects, campaigns, company culture, and more. However, sometimes, huddles can get a little boring and demotivating. There are a few reasons as to why these gatherings might feel a little dull, including the following:

  • The lack of agenda and planning.
  • Rushing the meeting.
  • Failure to go to the main point; leaders not going to the program right away.
  • The team members feeling lost or confused.

These brainstorming sessions can sometimes feel like a chore to your employees, which is why it is important to do it correctly. Assemblies do not have to feel too forced or routinary, and there are a couple of things that leaders can do to make sure that their employees are engaged during company meetings.

Presenter Talking During a Meeting

In this article, we will discuss a couple of ways to boost your employees’ energy during huddles. Try to apply these to your next sessions and see your employee morale improve in no time.

Announce Your Recent Achievements

The best way to keep the energy up during meetings is by starting with a bang. Make a list of the company and the teams’ recent achievements and congratulate everyone on a job well done. Setting a positive vibe is a great way to encourage the attendees to participate during these gatherings.

Announce Your Recent Achievements

It doesn’t really matter if the win that you are announcing is big or small. Whether it’s a congratulatory speech for an individual’s exceptional performance, a milestone that everyone’s been excited for, or a new client that the company has acquired, everything should be shared with the team for motivation.

Assign Different People for Every Meeting

Try passing the baton over to different team members when it comes to leading the company meeting. This way, you are giving each and everyone a chance to lead rather than being an observer. Give the designated leader a specific agenda so they can plan ahead. Here are some useful tips for mapping out your meetings:

  1. Choose topics and questions that each individual can answer. Give everyone a chance to speak, and go around the table one person at a time.
  2. If you are doing the meeting remotely, choose a platform that everyone can use and install on their computers.
  3. Let the people know about the agenda at least two days in advance. This will help them prepare for the questions beforehand.
  4. Encourage the attendees to give their output for the next huddle.
  5. Take note of the minutes of the meeting and send it out to the participants afterward. This way, they can review and remember what the meeting was all about.
  6. Use templates for recurrent gatherings.

Keep People on Their Feet

Most offices require people to sit on chairs for about 8 hours every day. To keep the momentum going during huddles, try suggesting stand-up meetings to your employees. According to this article by Forbes, standing up during brainstorming sessions can reduce the time by about 34%. People are attuned to thinking faster and being more productive when standing up.

However, leaders must make sure that the agenda wouldn’t be too long during these company meetings. Keep everything simple and straight-to-the-point so everyone will be a lot more efficient until the end of the gathering.

Be Unique and Creative

Having a “ritual” during company meetings can help boost your employees’ morale and motivation. Think of something that they can look forward to every session. For example, if your team members are mostly into yoga, then try having a short meditation session before the program starts. Additionally, you can also take this time to reflect on how the team is doing and encourage the members to share their suggestions for the brand’s improvement.

Here are a few ideas that you can ponder on for your next company meeting:

  1. Individual check-ins. Ask about how your staff is doing and give everyone a chance to talk. Provide a time limit for each one so the meeting wouldn’t last too long.
  2. Do body stretches. Have your employees stand up and do some stretches before the huddle starts. This way, you will get both their minds and bodies working full-time.
  3. Consider breathing exercises. Keep your team members calm and collected by doing breathing exercises before proceeding with the agenda.
  4. Have a coffee or tea together. Talking about how each employee’s day went over tea or coffee can be a good bonding exercise for the whole team. Moreover, caffeine is a good way to start the day and keep your team members energized during the brainstorming session.
4 Creative Rituals to Try During Team Meetings

Try Changing the Environment

Meeting rooms can sometimes become too boring and bland. To avoid stressful routines, try changing up the environment every once in a while. For example, you can gather your team and ask them if they’d be willing to do the company gathering at a restaurant or a coffee shop. These types of locations are great for casual meetings – ones that you know don’t require a computer for presentations and such.

However, team leaders must make sure to gather the staff in a quiet and feasible location. Places that are too loud can distract the staff, and it might be difficult to understand what everyone has to say if there is too much white noise in the background.

Be Open to Suggestions

Be Open to Suggestions

One of the best ways to continuously improve your team meetings is by asking everyone for comments and suggestions. You can send out employee surveys after each meeting so each individual can chip in on what can be done to better the next huddle. Doing this will help you get a view of what can make your sessions more efficient and productive.

Additionally, you can also consider using a business process management tool for better transparency. Create a project or campaign wherein your employees can provide suggestions through the app. This way, everything can be well-organized and staff members have the option to view the suggestions and comments when they want to.

Wrapping Up

Being creative and paying attention to what your employees need will undoubtedly help with boosting their morale and motivation during company meetings. These sessions are a great opportunity to catch up with your people and help them become engaged with their tasks. Apply the tips that we have provided above to always provide excitement and fun within your organization.