SaaS BPM: Revolving Around Your People, First.

A productivity business process management software system is designed to optimize your processes, delegate recurring activities, handle recruitment, track statuses, and professionally manage teams with transparency in mind.

About SaaS BPM

Accountability For Success

Ever struggled with processes your team forgets about or delays indefinitely? Looking for the best software for your business management solution needs? SaaS BPM is the best small business management software designed for executives, busy entrepreneurs, HR managers, and business consultants.

Best of all: your team will have full visibility around your processes in real time.


Solving Painful Management Problems

Mitigate the Bus Factor

Sick leaves or resignations? Quickly assign existing activities to other team members without interrupting the flow.

Top-Level Overview

Track down processes, activities, meetings across the organization, a department, specific roles – and even team members.

Vendors and Freelancers

Can’t manage your 3rd parties effectively? Set up activities and assign once, everything else is taken care of.


Fire up a new role and allocate management activities for a new product launch or a service trial. Keep track of progress and ensure that work gets done on time.

Empower Managers

Set up SaaS BPM instances for your management teams and let them design and implement processes for their own departments independently.

Full Transparency

Introduce new processes that everyone is aware of immediately. Set up task estimates and book your staff so both management and team members are clearly aware of expectations and upcoming feedback reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we receive.

No, SaaS BPM lives entirely in the cloud. We take care of hosting, maintenance, security updates, performance. Sign up for a plan and we’ll take care of everything else.
Project management revolves around a lot of one-off specific activities for each client of yours. SaaS BPM focuses on recurring processes that help you scale: standup meetings, sending reports, managing invoices, reviewing applicants, demos and presentations – and even simple tasks during day-to-day operations.
Our Activities module generates checklists for your staff members. Set up user accounts for your team, assign user roles and activities, and track down completion status with comprehensive reporting.

And our mind map feature outlines a clear and modern “job description” with actionable tasks!
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