Business Modeling and Mapping with a Powerful BPM Engine

SaaS BPM for the Consultants

360-degree visibility of all available resources is crucial for coaches and advisors to efficiently apply best practices and establish processes in a new team. 

SaaS BPM serves both as a tool to model business processes prior to implementation, and as a real working environment to perfect new approaches within an organization.

The consultant’s main problems

  1. Lack of visibility across a department or the entire organization. Management, productivity, operations consultants need a thorough team overview.
  2. The need to execute and track effectively new processes without missing progress, risk breaking processes, or wasting expensive time.
  3. Personal productivity and efficiency struggles, aggravated by the exhausting travel schedule.
  4. Customer retention and getting recommendations. Being constantly short of time for networking and promoting their own services, getting recommendations and customer retention both become crucial for consultants.

Model, Test and Implement Your Ideas

Replicate organizational structures

Emulate a company or a team structure for a bird’s-eye view on all processes to diagnose structural deficiencies, devise improvements, and establish effective practices in an organization. 

Share processes and best practices with your clients and their teams

As a business process management system, SaaS BPM is invaluable for process mapping. Unlike whiteboard charts and post-it notes, Saas BPM represents a ready-to-go working environment for teams, with productivity and transparency features built-in.

Navigate new initiatives with temporary business roles

SaasBPM is designed to complete job roles with job descriptions, recurrent activities, and mind maps for staff. By assigning job requirements and activities to existing or new employees, a new structure can be put in place to serve as a testing ground, a real working environment, or a spin-off model.

Boost your own productivity to a new level

Design new structures and optimize workflows in a short time. Track execution without missing progress or wasting expensive consulting time. Having a Business Processes Management software at your fingertips improves your efficiency to build rapport with the client. 


Job Descriptions

Set activity templates for every job in the company makes it structured and clients and their teams to everyone from interns to managers to the CEO. Stack multiple roles and group responsibilities together.


Present actionable steps for your clients and their teams by means of checklists and activities. Set reminders notifications as controls in test environment.


With activities, your strategy goes beyond flowcharts into actionable models ready to get implemented on an organizational level.

Mind Maps

Visualize job profiles and recurrent tasks in mind maps, visible to both managers and employees.

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