See the bigger picture, boost productivity

SaaS BPM for the Executive Managers

Embrace automation that empowers humans to get more done. This is a process management tool optimized for executives overseeing the top-level processes and the productivity of their workforce.
We’ve found that business workflows designed around recurring tasks palpably ease efficiency challenges. SaaS BPM helps personnel  following mandatory activities and adhering to processes. 
SaaS BPM integrates across your entire organization. Define departments, activities, recurring tasks, roles, and more. See the bigger picture to boost productivity and optimize workflow.

Executives’ top-of-the-list problems

  1. Reduced personnel productivity. Executives often struggle to identify reasons for low productivity, while their own performance judged by it.
  2. Unreliable data on personnel hours. Reluctant time tracking, doctored timesheets, missed reports, reduced transparency.
  3. Pressure to reduce operational costs.
  4. Payment chasing. Pestering clients for unpaid invoices is an endemic problem in small businesses.

Take control of all your business processes

Top-level overview

Get a clear, real time view of what your workforce is busy with. See it on a company level, drill it down to departments, teams, and individuals.


Fire up a new role and allocate management activities for a new product launch or a service trial. Keep track of progress and ensure that work gets done on time.

Keep your workforce accountable

Set up time estimates and book your staff so both management and team members are clearly aware of expectations and upcoming reviews.

Benefit from transparency

Teams take advantage of full visibility around business processes in real time. New processes introduced in a system are immediately seen by anyone on the team.

Reports for deadlines

Get notified whenever an important deadline is missed. Address problems before they pile up, resolve productivity and workflow issues.

Immediate productivity

Onboard a new employee in no time. Since job roles are built around recurrent tasks, new team members understand the structure of their daily routine and get productive from day one.

Mitigate the bus factor

Sick leaves or vacations don’t interrupt the workflow anymore. Pre-set activities can be reassigned to roles or individuals to ensure continuity.


With these simple stackable features, you receive a 360-degree view of all processes in your company.

Job Descriptions

Maintain ongoing and recurring task templates for every role in the company – from interns to managers to the CEO. Stack multiple roles and group responsibilities together when needed.


Saas BPM generates daily task lists for all the roles in the team. Set reminders to assignees and notifications to managers to ensure projects remain on track.


Daily, weekly, monthly activities are assigned to a team member or a role. Set up task estimates for a balanced workload for every employee. Define time frames for meetings. Save time with Activity Templates.

Mind Maps

Visualize job profiles and recurrent responsibilities in mind maps. Daily, weekly, monthly tasks grouped in separate branches per role or user, visible to both managers and employees.

Want to know if SaaS BPM has it all to fit your needs? Request a feature? Write to us! We’d get back to you in a matter of hours