Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022: Up To 40% Off On All Our Plans

Black Friday SaaS BPM

As it is now officially Black Friday 2022, and we have Cyber Monday on the 28th, we thought we’d also offer some fantastic deals to all the small businesses out there.

Without further ado, let’s get started on our offers this year, and share some tips and tricks you can also use for your holiday marketing campaigns!

What’s On Offer Here At SaaS BPM?

First things first, let’s start with our promotions that guarantee amazing savings on our packages:

SaaS BPM Black Friday

And here’s a breakdown of all you need to know –

Basic plan

  • Valid for the Basic plan only
  • 35% off for 12 payments
  • The promo code is valid from Nov 23 to December 7, 2022
  • Can be used multiple times

Standard and Pro

  • Promo code: BLACKFRIDAY2022SAASBPM
  • Valid for the Standard and Pro plans
  • 40% off for 12 payments
  • The promo code is valid from Nov 23 to December 7, 2022
  • Can be used multiple times

So, there you have it! Make a choice on the package that is most compatible with your business size and team needs.

How Can a Small Business Benefit From Black Friday & Cyber Monday

If you own a startup or a small business, Black Friday may not seem like the best time to participate in the shopping frenzy. After all, all the giant brands are putting up their best deals during that time and you need to make sure you have a lucrative offer to compete with them.

However, there are actually several ways that you can benefit from taking part in the Black Friday – Cyber Monday mania. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider joining in on the fun.

1. Get a Competitive Edge: It’s not always easy to get your business noticed in a crowded market. However, Black Friday – Cyber Monday could potentially be the perfect opportunity for you to stand out from the competition. Consider offering additional discounts or free shipping for orders placed on those days and make sure it’s easily visible on your site.

2. Increase Awareness: If your business is relatively new, this could be the perfect opportunity to get more people interested in your brand. Make sure to advertise your offers and discounts on various platforms like social media, email newsletters, etc. and use marketing tactics such as SEO to drive even more traffic towards your site.

3. Boost Your Brand’s Loyalty: If you have loyal customers, this is the best time to show them how much you appreciate them. Consider offering special discounts and/or gift cards for their purchases during the Black Friday – Cyber Monday period. This will help keep your customers coming back for more in the future.

4. Generate Additional Revenue: Take this opportunity to make more money and grow your business. Consider offering bundles or additional items with your products that can be sold at a discounted price.

A Word From SaaS BPM

We hope you found these tips helpful for your Black Friday – Cyber Monday campaigns! Also, we hope you take advantage of our special promotions and manage your teams and operations more efficiently and effectively with our product. Good luck with all of your upcoming sales and happy shopping!