Process Management For Scaling Companies

Scaling a company shouldn’t be so hard.

And yet, without the right set of processes and the software capabilities to manage workflows, receive notifications, and generate comprehensive reports, you’ll always be two steps behind.

Let us help you. Here’s what SaaS BPM does for you.

Your Workday Assistant

The Management Process Toolkit

SaaS BPM integrates across your entire organization. Define departments, roles, activities, recurring tasks, and more.

Job Descriptions

Maintain ongoing and recurring task templates for every role on your team – from interns through team leaders up to the CEO. Stack multiple roles and group responsibilities together.


Daily task lists for certain roles you manage – from support to freelancers and other vendors. Filling out shift schedules, sending EOD reports, attending standup meetings – everything counts.


Create daily, weekly, monthly activities assigned to a team member or a role. Set up time frames (for meetings) or estimates (for balanced time distribution per team member).

Mind Maps

Visualize schedules and job profiles in mind maps. Daily, weekly, monthly tasks grouped in separate branches per role or user. Visible to both managers and employees.

Navigate Surprises Effectively

Solve well-known business problems with a BPM system cognizant of risk management


Optimal process management for executives overseeing the top-level process and the productivity of their team.

  • High-level overview of team availability
  • Reports for incomplete activities
  • The ability to assign a set of activities to a new team member
  • Temporary assignment of role activities during sick leaves


For lifestyle businesses with outsourced assistants or running multiple ventures

Fully Recurring Task Engine

product or service description

Complete Business Plan

product or service description

Review On The Road

product or service description

Notifications For Delays

product or service description


Working as an advisor or a coach for an organization requires a bird eye’s view of their staff. In order to effectively apply best practices and build processes, you need visibility of all available resources.

  • Replicate the team’s structure internally
  • Share processes and best practices with your clients and their teams
  • Navigate new initiatives with temporary business roles

Your Staff

Lack of transparency decreases tenure and leads to unexpected surprises. Built with visibility in mind, SaaS BPM will share your public processes with every individual whose role is assigned.

Design effective performance reviews and feedback sessions and let your staff indicate delays ahead of time. Build a powerful process engine which fits everyone’s time frames clearly.