The New SaaS BPM Version 2.0 Is Here!

The New SaaS BPM Version Is Here!-1

We are excited to announce the SaaS BPM version 2.0 to you. With better functionality, consistent & organized design, and a few extra tweaks in our interface, you can now benefit from our improved BPM solution and manage your team more effectively.

Why Did We Do This Interface Migration

The SaaS BPM decided to develop the new version as we aim to move away from third-party dependency and to make it modern in terms of a visual interface. This way we can focus more on designing the products with new exciting features in the coming new SaaS BPM version releases.

What’s New Here?

You can see the difference when you go to “My BPM Dashboard”.

With the previous version, it looked like this:


Now, on SaaS BPM 2.0 you can manage your BPM account more easily with less clutter and better menu navigation structure:


You can also notice the difference in the browser icons, too (old version on the left, new one on the right):


Also, we’ve made some “aesthetic” touch-ups, like changing the Edit and Delete links across our tool into buttons:


Why Is A Less CMS-dependent BPM System Better?

A Business Process Management (BPM) system is a powerful tool for streamlining, automating and optimizing business processes. Having a non-CMS dependent BPM system makes it easier for organizations to benefit from the tool.

Advantages of Non-CMS Dependent BPM Systems

A non-CMS dependent BPM system offers several advantages. By not needing to rely on an external content management system, businesses can better tailor the BPM system to their individual needs. This can lead to improved efficiency and productivity since businesses no longer need to rely on a rigid, pre-determined set of features or functions from an external CMS. In addition, businesses can save time and money when using a non-CMS dependent BPM system as they will not have to pay additional licenses or fees for content management systems.

Tailoring a Non-CMS Dependent BPM System

By having the ability to customize every aspect of the BPM system without relying on an external CMS, organizations have greater control over the structure and functionality of the system. As such, they can ensure that it meets their specific goals and objectives better than if they had relied on a single content management system with predetermined features and functions. This can help companies streamline processes more effectively and improve productivity in the long run.

Bottom Line

A non-CMS dependent Business Process Management (BPM) system allows organizations to take full advantage of their capabilities by customizing every aspect of the system without needing to pay additional licenses or fees for content management systems. Furthermore, this kind of flexible, tailored approach gives businesses more control over how their processes are structured, enabling them to increase efficiency and achieve their goals quickly and easily. So, make sure you check out SaaS BPM now with our free 14 days trial!