10 Sales Management Training Skills for Top Leaders

10 Sales Management Training Skills for Top Leaders

As a business owner or a serious leader, it is your responsibility so set your sales management team up for success. After all, when onboarding new people to join your team, you need to show them the ropes and help them understand how business processes are intertwined to achieve specific goals, right?

Interestingly, selling takes just a quarter of the sales teams work time. The rest is spent on training and operations. So, investing in quality sales management programs is fundamental for strong results and steady profit gains.

In this article, we will first explain the main signs that your company needs a sales manager. Then, we will go through 10 sales management skills to train your team.

Signs It’s Time To Hire A Sales Manager

Signs It’s Time To Hire A Sales Manager

There are several signs that indicate it may be time for a company to hire a sales manager. One of the most obvious ones is when your sales are consistently falling short of their targets. This could be due to a lack of direction or ineffective execution strategies, both of which a sales manager could help address.

Another sign that it may be time to hire a sales manager is when a company’s sales team is struggling with high turnover rates or low morale. A sales manager can help to improve the performance of your team by providing coaching and mentoring, setting clear expectations and goals, and creating a positive work environment.

Additionally, if the company is planning to expand and grow, a sales manager can help structure the sales team, and provide the necessary leadership to reach the new targets.

Top 10 Sales Management Training Skills

Sales management is an essential function of any organization, and it is the responsibility of top leaders to ensure that their sales teams have the necessary skills to succeed. Here are eight sales management training skills that business owners should focus on developing in order to achieve success.

Top 10 Sales Management Training Skills

Strategic planning

Top leaders must be able to develop and execute effective sales strategies that align with the overall goals of the organization. Identifying key market segments, setting sales targets, and developing plans to achieve them are all fundamental aspects of a robust plan for growth.


Sales managers must be able to lead their teams effectively and inspire them to achieve their goals – setting clear expectations, providing regular feedback, and recognizing and rewarding good performance.

Coaching and mentoring

Make sure you coach and mentor your salespeople, helping them to develop the skills they need to succeed. This includes providing regular coaching sessions, giving constructive feedback, and helping them identify and overcome obstacles.


Sales managers must be able to communicate effectively with their teams, as well as with customers and other stakeholders. For example, they need to be able to present information clearly and persuasively, as well as listening actively and responding appropriately.


Another sought-after sales management skill is the ability to negotiate effectively, both with  colleagues and with customers. This includes being able to identify key areas of agreement and disagreement, as well as developing creative solutions to problems.



Sales managers must be able to solve problems effectively, whether they are dealing with customers, employees, or other stakeholders. Learning how to define problems, as well as developing and implementing solutions are all parts of finding a workaround for a business issue.

Time management

Sales managers must be able to manage their time effectively (prioritize tasks, set goals), in order to balance the demands of leading a sales team with other responsibilities. 


Sales managers must be able to adapt to changes in the business environment, whether they are dealing with new technologies, changes in customer needs, or shifting market conditions. Think creatively, take risks, and be open to new ideas.

Analytical skills

Sales managers must be able to interpret data, identify trends and correlations, and use this information to make decisions. They should also have a good understanding of customer needs and preferences in order to develop targeted strategies. 

Interpersonal skills

Finally, sales managers must have strong interpersonal skills – the ability to build relationships with customers, colleagues, and stakeholders. This includes being able to empathize with customers, resolve conflicts, and handle difficult conversations in a professional and empathetic way. 

Final Words

It is essential for business owners to focus on developing their sales managers’ skills. By providing the necessary training and guidance, they can ensure that their teams are equipped with the knowledge and abilities needed to achieve success in today’s competitive market.

From strategic planning to problem-solving, time management, negotiation and communication skills; these ten crucial areas of sales management should be developed if businesses want to maximize their potential for growth. With the right attitude and skill set at hand, a great sales manager will lead your team toward achieving greater heights!