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SaaS BPM for the HR Managers

Ever struggled with high employee turnover or evasive contractors? The concept of career development changed profoundly, the gig economy is soaring, mindsets evolving.
We’ve found that workflows designed around recurrent tasks significantly ease efficiency challenges. This management model positively influences the productivity of employees and contractors alike and helps retain people on board. Making onboarding a breeze, Saas BPM enables new hires to start in a productive mode from day one by streamlining processes and reporting.
Employ this business processes management suite to automate the mundane, putting emphasis on core functions.

The HR Manager’s main problems

  1. Onboarding is overwhelming for the new hires with introductions, procedures, and new culture. A process so often broken even recurring tasks like a weekly planning meeting can be missed by new employees. Half of the HR professionals find process-based onboarding a pain.
  2. Fragmented software ecosystem. Too many software tools for different functions with physical paperwork in between, mostly redundant.
  3. Dispersed information and resources. A time-eater for HR professionals no matter how used to it they are. Employees simply don’t find the right information and keep coming back with queries.

The Simple and Powerful Approach to Efficiency 

Turn job descriptions into activities 

Make them actionable by using role-specific tasks to set job responsibilities and requirements. Stack multiple roles and group responsibilities together.

Mitigate the bus factor

Temporary assignments during PTO such as sick leaves or vacations. With a pre-set job routine, no information is lost, and interim or stand-in employees get productive from day one.

Onboard effortlessly

Automate your onboarding process by assigning predefined activities to new hires according to their role. Works with FTEs, contractors, and vendors; facilitates interim onboarding. Complete roles with mapping their tasks a couple of clicks.

Thrive on accountability and transparency

Set up time estimates and book your staff so both management and team members are clearly aware of expectations and upcoming reviews. With SaaS BPM, teams have full visibility around business processes in real-time.

Turn spreadsheet-less

Migrate from Excel dependence to simplicity and efficiency of checklists and templates. Reduce email frequency, facilitate reporting on progress and time as a result.

Go big or start small

Introduce SaaS BPM across the entire organization or for certain departments only. Designed with a decentralized workforce in mind, business process management can be quickly implemented in distributed and remote teams.


Job Descriptions

A job description doesn’t need to be a document: make it an instruction to action with scheduled recurring task templates for every role in the team. Stack multiple roles and group responsibilities together when needed. Complete roles with mapping recurring tasks in a couple of clicks.


Progress tracking is made both simple and efficient. Filling out shift schedules, sending EOD reports, scheduling meetings – all recurrent and one-off tasks receive a one-screen overview.


Reminders to assignees and notifications to managers are all easily set. A little nudge to accountability, a leap to a more productive company.


Easy employee scheduling. Create daily, weekly, monthly activities assigned to a team member or a role. Set up time frames for meetings or task estimates for balanced time distribution per team member.

Mind Maps

Visualize job profiles and recurrent tasks in mind maps. Daily, weekly, monthly tasks grouped in separate branches for a role or user, visible to both managers and employees.

Want to know if SaaS BPM has it all to fit your needs? Request a feature? Write to us! We’d get back to you in a matter of hours