Easter 2023 SALE: Get 20% Off On All SaaS BPM Plans

As the days grow longer and warmer, Christians all over the world eagerly anticipate one of their holiest holidays. As Easter Sunday is just around the corner, many people are now on a shopping spree to prepare for the festive day and stock up with chocolate bunnies and baskets.

However, we know that the busy entrepreneurs out there are always on the lookout for deals that can help improve their business and team productivity. Therefore, this year we at SaaS BPM have come up with an amazing Easter Sale where you can get 20% off on all our plans – Basic, Standard, and Pro!

SaaS BPM Easter 2023 Sale: Here Are The Deets

Easter Promo Banner
  • Discount: 20% OFF – for the first year on the following plans: Basic, Standard, and Pro.
  • Period: Valid from April 6 until April 18 /included/.
  • Unlimited: Coupons are valid for initial purchases, as well as for renewals, and updates. However, they could be used only once per customer.

Coupon code: 20EASTER2023

Manage business processes at all levels of your organization – from new starters to executives to managers. Track progress on all tasks and projects, and optimize workflows to get better results from your team. With the discount of 20% off all our paid plans, you can use all these benefits at a discounted price, and watch collaboration and productivity improve in a fair, transparent way.

How Can SaaS BPM Help Your Business?

As a business grows and more employees are hired, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage everything and ensure that tasks are completed within set deadlines. Using spreadsheets or simple project management systems may work for small teams, but as your organization expands, this approach becomes less effective. With SaaS BPM, you can create roles for team members, assign tasks, and monitor the process. This provides better visibility into how tasks are completed, allowing for continuous optimization and improved efficiency.

When it comes to achieving optimal productivity, setting up distinct objectives for each individual is key. This begins as early as the onboarding stage, with a complete and thorough job description. By doing this, you can prevent misunderstandings between employees and managers while also making sure that everyone feels connected to the company’s mission and goals.

SaaS BPM can help you assign precise duties and responsibilities so there won’t be any vagueness when it comes to expectations amongst workers or executives.

Our Easter 20% OFF campaign is valid on all the plans we offer for a limited time – from April 6 until April 18, with the promo code 20EASTER2023:


  • 10 users
  • Mind maps
  • Activity templates
  • All features included in the Free plan
  • Access to our support team
  • Save up to $70 a year


  • 40 users
  • All features included in the Basic plan
  • Access to our support team
  • Save up to $240 a year


  • 150 users
  • All features included in the Standard plan
  • VIP support
  • Save up to $720 a year

Choose a pricing plan suitable for the size of your team. Get your business processes in order and take advantage of our Easter Sale of 20% on all annual plans. Remember, the deal is limited so hurry up – the discount is up for grabs only from April 6 until April 18 (included), with coupon code 20EASTER2023.

We wish you an amazing Easter!