4 Roadblocks Digital Marketers Must be Aware of & How to Overcome Them

4 Roadblocks Digital Marketers Must be Aware of & How to Overcome Them

The marketing industry is a fast-paced one, and digital marketing managers must keep up to help their businesses succeed. However, the pandemic hindered almost every organization’s growth, and entrepreneurs are having a hard time presiding over their companies.

Going through roadblocks in digital marketing is common within corporations. The competition is fierce, and most traditional marketing strategies no longer work for most businesses. Managers must adapt to the fast-paced industry to make sure that their customers will stay satisfied and remain loyal to the brand.


In this article, we will discuss the most common roadblocks in digital marketing, including a couple of ways on how to overcome them.

Failure to Prioritize

Tasks and projects must be properly prioritized to avoid confusion and delays within the organization. A hierarchy must be followed so the whole team knows which assignments to focus on first. Here are a couple of steps to make sure that your campaigns and tasks are organized:

  1. Use one channel when sorting out your projects. Choose only one platform when organizing the team’s assignments. For example, using a business automation tool allows you to view all of your campaigns in one place, plus, it gives the whole team better visibility and transparency. Meetings, days off, and reporting are also made easier with such applications.
  2. Review and analyze. Next, go through your list and analyze each task. See which ones you should do now, which one you can finish later, items you can delegate to other staff, and which assignments you can remove.
  3. Focus on urgent tasks. All tasks might seem important when you first look at them, but there are things that need your attention first. Check the deadlines and the hierarchy and highlight the ones that are to be done as soon as possible.
  4. Work on the easier ones first. If you are getting too overwhelmed with the assignments that you have on the list, then consider finishing the easier ones first. This way, you will avoid procrastinating and be productive at all times.
  5. Set clear deadlines. Setting clear deadlines for yourself will help you achieve your goals. This will also give you a clear depiction of what to focus on and which ones you can do for later.
How to Keep Your Tasks and Campaigns Organized

Being too Complacent

Some organizations get too comfortable, especially if their numbers are particularly high. However, even the most successful businesses must not get too complacent, as the competition can outrun them in an instant. Maintaining the same market share and revenue over time is not a reason to forget about your company’s goals.

Listed below are some ways you can avoid being too complacent with your digital marketer job.

  1. Do market research. If you’ve already launched your business, then chances are you’ve already done market research in the past. However, it is a great idea to continue doing this at least once every few months to make sure that your stats are not outdated.
  2. Think outside the box. Having a process is a must for every organization, but it’s also wise to go out of your comfort zone sometimes. Think of ways you can grow your business and how you can outrun the competition. Check the latest digital marketing trends and see if it is applicable to your business.
  3. Set objectives. Having clear goals will help keep you from being too complacent. Track your data and make sure that you have KPIs in place so you’d know if you have already reached your goals.
  4. Train your employees to do the same. Success not only comes from you but from your employees as well. Hop on a meeting with them and let them know what your plans are. If you have the right attitude and mindset, then the rest of the team will follow.

Not Enough Knowledge

Not Enough Knowledge

As we have mentioned, the marketing industry is always changing exponentially. Consider training your staff and widening your horizons so you can grow your business. Adapting to new technologies is crucial, too, as people tend to hop on new digital marketing trends when they see one that piques their interest.

Additionally, it is also a wise decision to hire strong leaders that you know will help keep the company afloat. Team leads should help you delegate the tasks and keep everything within the company organized. Hiring a fresh set of employees will also aid you with being looped in on what’s new and what will help the brand grow.

Failure to Apply Agility

Being agile means that you are open to possible changes within the organization. Having an adaptive business approach helps brands turn uncertainty into opportunity, which aids with the overall success of the company. Here are ways you can apply an agile approach to your business:

  1. Visualize your work through mind mapping. Create an illustration of your goals and be as specific as possible. This way, you’ll see which tasks you can prioritize and which ones you can remove from the list.
  2. Let go of vanity metrics. This type of metric looks good on paper, but it doesn’t really do anything for your brand. Instead, entrepreneurs should focus on sanity metrics, which gives a clearer vision of whether the company is on the right path or if things need to be changed.
  3. Test and validate. An agile approach includes lots of review and testing. Doing so will help you evolve and develop the ideas that you have in mind for a better outcome.
  4. Schedule brainstorming and huddle sessions. Regularly perform brainstorming and huddle sessions with the whole team. This way, you can gather all of the heads that you have in the office and come up with brilliant ideas for the company. Additionally, you should also encourage your staff members to be open and communicative so all of the issues can be addressed.
How to Apply an Agile Approach to Your Business


Having a dynamic environment and using the right digital marketing tools will help you overcome the roadblocks in digital marketing business. Come up with a solid plan that you can follow so you wouldn’t get sidetracked if ever you encounter any of the things that are listed above. Transforming your digital marketing strategy might not be easy, but it is definitely doable with the right attitude.