How Does Business Process Automation Software Help Retain People on Board?

How Does Business Process Automation Software Help Retain People on Board

Business process management software has been around for a while, but not a lot of companies are aware of its advantages just yet. In fact, according to Signavio, 62% of organizations have about 25% of their business processes modeled, but only 2% of the surveyed businesses have modeled all of their processes.

Team in Working Space

Since retaining people and keeping them engaged is one of the most common challenges for businesses, companies should start using innovative tricks which can help them succeed. Employee turnover can be expensive, as onboarding and training new people every few months is expensive. Additionally, the longer the staff members stay in an organization, the less you’d have to deal with human errors and mistakes as tenured employees get familiar with the process over time.

Managers must identify the reasons why employees quit to further understand why some companies have a high employee turnover rate. Some of the potential issues could be:

  1. A chaotic environment. The ambiance within the workplace can greatly affect how an employee performs within the organization. Make sure to provide a quiet and healthy working condition to ensure productivity.
  2. A lack of appreciation. Rewards and even words of affirmation can make the staff members feel appreciated. Thank your employees for a job well done and consider giving them a token in return for their hard work.
  3. No room for growth. Most professionals crave growth, especially when it comes to their careers. Offer training and seminars to keep them engaged and promote continuous learning. 
  4. Instability. If the management is not consistent with the rules and guidelines within the company, the employees can get confused and demotivated easily. Keep the flow at a steady phase to encourage your team members to stay.
Reasons for High Employee Turnover Rates

So, how exactly does a business process automation tool help retain people on board? We’ve listed a couple of reasons that entrepreneurs must be aware of to prevent a high employee turnover rate.

Eliminates Redundancy

BPM software can help eliminate redundancy in projects and tasks. Repetitive assignments usually promote lethargy and demotivation among team members, not to mention the possibility of human errors that comes with it. Technology has allowed us to automate everyday tasks, including data extraction, customer ticket submission, data backups, and other types of processing.

Eliminates Redundancy

The time that is usually spent on these mundane tasks can be allocated to more important business matters including brainstorming for projects, customer acquisition, and the likes. These things cannot be replaced by an automation tool, as it requires skills that your employees.

Increased Productivity Rate

As we have mentioned, routinary tasks can take a toll on your team members’ mental and physical state. This can lead to a lower productivity rate, which can affect the overall workflow of the whole team. Since repetitive tasks can be automated by a business process automation software, the staff can now turn their focus on projects that usually excite them – which amps up the creativity within the team. This leads to a more interesting work routine, which helps prevent people from resigning.

Here are other ways to encourage productivity within the workplace:

  1.  Delegate the tasks to the right people.
  2. Reduce the distractions present in the office.
  3. Provide an efficient workplace environment.
  4. Conduct employee satisfaction surveys at least twice a year.
  5.  Show support to your teammates.
  6.  Set realistic goals to avoid employee burnout.
  7. Provide them with the right tools and equipment.
How to Encouarage Productivity Within the Workplace

Accessible Data

Business process automation is implemented to help streamline and organize crucial data. If your staff members are not sure where to look for the numbers and information that they need, they can be easily discouraged. This factor can lead to employee turnover since they do not have the right tools to use for their tasks.

Data accessibility is directly linked to transparency and accountability within the organization. The easier it is to gather data, the faster the tasks will be done. It is undeniably stressful to go through a pile of information every day, but with the right tool, employees can now finish their tasks in minutes. This leads to job satisfaction, which aids with retaining people within the company.

A Realistic Work-Life Balance

As we mentioned, burnout and fatigue are some of the main causes of employee turnovers. A healthy work-life balance should be encouraged within the workplace, and if your team members are overworked, then chances are they are thinking of quitting soon.

Having an automation system that acts as a “helper” can aid with cutting down unnecessary tasks. Your staff members need breaks and social interactions every once in a while, and it is almost impossible to do that if they always have their eyes and ears glued to their computers.

Follow these tips to encourage a healthy work-life balance within your office:

Be open to flexible time schedules.

  1. Remind your employees to take breaks.
  2. Review your team members’ workloads and make sure you are not over-delegating.
  3. Focus on the output rather than the hours.
  4. Give your team some time off.
How to Encourage a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Better Communication

Better Communication

Team members must be aware of everyone’s progress so they can work together. With a business process automation tool, communication is a breeze since tasks and projects can be updated easily. Managers and employees can track each other’s progress, which is crucial for a streamlined process.

Moreover, this eliminates the possibility of task duplication, which can take up a lot of your staff member’s time.


Trying to retain your employees can be tough at times, but automation can make the process easier for you and the management. Your team members are what keep the company afloat, and it is your task as a manager or business owner to make everything easier for them. Implementing a business process management software might seem like a small move, but it can be impactful for both the teams and the organization.